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Here are many useful links and articles for the new and old endurance rider alike, great books, plus information for everyone about our organization and other trail riding sites.

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"Endurance 101" BY AERENE STORMS

 "The first book geared specifically towards beginning endurance riders, Endurance 101 is a step-by-step guide to  getting started in the sport of endurance, from selecting a horse and tack to training for the trail, conditioning, feeding and competition, along with advice for solving problems along the way. Author Aarene Storms' easy narrative style will guide you down the trail, and the numerous photographs, illustrations, anecdotes and informative sidebars will give you an insider's view of endurance riding. The appendix is packed with links so you can connect with other endurance riders in your region via discussion groups and regional organizations, find endurance-specfic tack and more articles and books. Aarene Storms has been an endurance rider and writer for many years, contributing articles to "Endurance News" and other equestrian publications, and is a regular competitor at rides in the Pacific Northwest with her Standardbred mare Fiddle."

"Go the Distance" by Nancy S. Loving DVM

 "This information-packed international best-seller should be on every endurance and competitive trail rider's shelf."

In Go the Distance: The Complete Resource for Endurance Horses, Dr. Nancy Loving, a veterinarian who regularly judges and competes in endurance riding, demonstrates throughout that “success is in the details.” She clearly explains everything a rider needs to know, from selecting a horse and investing in equipment to evaluating fitness and nutrition.

If you are an experienced long distance rider, Go the Distance is essential reading to improve your training and competitive skills. If you are thinking of trying endurance or competitive distance riding, this book will clearly and safely guide you and your horse along the miles.

"Ten Feet Tall, Still" by Julie Suhr:

An inspiring book of personal challenges written by one of our foremost endurance riders out of California. At 75 she is still doing endurance. Started at age 40 or so doing the Tevis. Has over 20 Tevis completions beaten only by her daughter Barbara Smith. Available at Marinera Publishing, Scotts Valley CA 95066 or AMAZON – follow the link above.

New in 2012: . . . but it wasn’t the horse’s fault — a rambling catchall by Julie Suhr available at Marinera Publishing

"Endurance, a french perspective" by Leonard Leisens:

This reference book  is organized in 27 chapters to present all aspects of endurance riding.  "Endurance, A French perspective" is aimed at riders and endurance's fans. It explains in a non-scientific manner everything that a rider needs to know about the horse, its training and campaigning, the problems that can arise. The author looks at all stages in the career of an endurance horse, always from the rider's point of view. Leonard offers advice on how to select, then educate and train an endurance horse from the very basic exercises to the high-level conditioning techniques. He discusses all subjects on a practical way, without any fuss.  As the author is European, aspects like riding on asphalt or crewing during a race for example, are largely discussed.


Have you ever wanted to ride down a country lane or a pine forest path and feel a special connection with your horse? Does the thought of challenging yourself and your horse on the paths of history—where pioneers, Pony Express riders and Native Americans have traveled before you—set your imagination on fire? If so, you're an endurance rider at heart. Although The Complete Guide to Endurance Riding and Competition offers training insights and insider information on the new and dynamic sport of endurance riding, it is also a valuable resource for pleasure, competitive trail, and experienced endurance riders alike. Non-riders (family or friends) who have volunteered or have been drafted to serve as "crew" will find the special tips in the chapter on crewing tremendously helpful. The book addresses the important concepts of rider balance and the gymnastic training of the horse in achieving the overall success of the long-distance team. Donna Snyder-Smith's commonsense approach to conditioning, feeding, tack and equipment, and the mental preparation of the horse and rider all lay the foundation for a long and successful association with endurance riding. It does not matter whether your goal is to experience the joys of trail riding or the adrenaline high that comes from an all-out race to the finish, The Complete Guide to Endurance Riding and Competition will help you reach it. 

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